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Big Adventure Runoff On The Galisteo Festival,fish inf

Another Big AdventureJune 30,2007

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Welcome to the  Adventure Trails web site! We are physically located at Spirit Valley in Lower Canoncito on a 40 acre "ranchito" near Santa Fe, New Mexico; along the Galisteo River at the end of the Rocky Mountains and the beginning of the "Great Basin".  On the southeast is a towering escarpment covered with mostly pinon trees where possible and on the northwest is the Santa Fe Railroad. In the middle is the Galisteo  river.  This site offers an exciting array of aspects of our Woodworking and Furniture business and life out on the "Ranch", which we describe simply as "like living in a beautiful oil painting" and other writings and products. 


Our Mission

To never lead the donkey astray and to never need an ashtray.  To keep our good attitude intact as much as possible.  To provide services to our clients based on integrity and quality.  To keep a sense of humor.  To continue to experiment with this fascinating lifestyle with Nature and grow through the experience. To be good parents, family members, friends and providers.  To make a good living being of service.  To love ourselves and our fellow travelers equally. 




Company Profile

Adventure Trails Ranch is the name of our property.  Adventure Trails is the name of our business which consists of woodwork and furniture and sculpture and consulting for owner-builders

Thor Sigstedt is the owner and founder of Adventure Trails and the artist/operator of the  3000 square foot studio and the "homesteader" on this ranch. He has been doing building and woodwork, making fine and rustic furniture since 1975 in this area, specializing in custom woodwork.  He is highly skilled in this trade and has a large portfolio.  This site also includes the more far reaching aspects of this ranch and includes other exciting products for sale, photographs of this area, writings by Thor, and also providing a way for friends and family to keep in touch with the goings on with Thor and Belle (The love of his life)and Sophia, Dylan, Tara, Corey and Agate out here in New Mexico.

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FAX  505-466-4403 (call first)
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82 Spirit Valley,Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508
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